Tuesday, March 1, 2011

66. anniversary of Bob Marley’s birthday – Nine Mile, Jamaica, 6th of February 2011

No. 32 - Time: 43"21
Musician Buffalo Bill in exciting interview talks about Bob Marley, contemporary Jamaica and the principles of Rastafarai. Also: Fozzy - and the trip with him to most important places in Bob’s history, including his resting place and Gerard – in the quick introduction to Nyabinghi music.

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The story of our trip to Nine Mile U will find HERE. The gallery of pics from Bob's village - to watch HERE
Below you have more then 20' of Nyabinghi music played for Bob Marley's birthday sunrise in Nine Mile by Joseph, PatchaGold, SoulJah & Gerard...

Listen to Nyabinghi on-line:

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